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People often want to weigh in on how they believe the market is doing when conversation turns to real estate. Seems like there are connections to a Realtor either by family or close friend that has an insight on what the crystal ball holds and is offering their service. So come on and lets hear your opinions.

If I was able to confidently say that the market was going to go up then logic would say to be a buyer. If the market is going down then be a seller. Right? Isn’t that what is always touted? Buy low – sell high!!! but what are the indicators that tell where the market is headed? Where does the average Joe find information? Is the an insider that is going to letting everyone know?  OF COURSE NOT! why??? The reason that the average Joe isn’t going to know anything is those that know don’t want others to know because they will be competition.  If someone really knew that information how much would you or anyone be willing to pay for it?

There are some ways to answer some of these questions and some are just a foil. I hope that there is enough reason or sense in the world to help you figure out which is which.  The main clarification that isn’t blinking red lights in our face is the fact that we think we are always going to be the “LUCKY ONE.” Take the lottery for example and how the odds are stacked against people but they still shill out $$$ after more $$$. Casinos make a killing off this.

Why the rant then…well, nobody knows where the market is or where it is headed unless you are on the inside. Inside of what might you ask? The inside meaning the people that make laws and regulations – the ones that pick winners and losers. Yup, you guessed it. Political power and wealth are correlated more than is brought to light. Think of all the wealth politicians have and some of them didn’t start with much. Can you name any modern poor politician?

What does this mean? Just because a frog says he is a prince…

Make decisions on what you know not what someone thinks might be true. Be cautious about where your information derives.

Over the past 10 years there has been little increase in rental rates until the last year or so. WHY? Does the economy have anything to do with it? Is it because there is a lack of housing? What about the increase of immigration and foreign policies? How many factors play into the equation?

It is not that complicated!

Cost of water, sewer, gas, electric, and labor directly influence how much rents need to be raised to make the ownership of said property worth having. Looking at the past 10 years of water/sewer costs (almost 15%) alone shows that more revenue has to be generated. Even if the landlord wants to be the nicest and most selfless landlord he still has to offset the overhead and maintenance cost of owning the property. Rent DOESN’T go directly into the landlord’s pocket.

Ready or not, measure D asked to raise taxes, and it passed! Be aware that there are always NEW PROMISES that are being made by the city: usually an increased pay for library, firefighters and police. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Aren’t the police and firefighters tired of being used as the scapegoat for the city’s (old) new promises? It is hard to always be told there aren’t enough funds for the vital functions of the government but see all the pet projects go right on through. Residents in Hayward need to see things as they really are.

Translucency in government is not easy, right? Or is it?

Supporters say this TAX will raise $10 million a year…but look a little deeper… it is $16 million TAKEN not raised! Don’t call it revenue or something fancy. It is $ that could be in the community. This money is used every day by each individual for daily necessities and wants that is no longer helping the economy gears turning and balanced. This measure really adds to those that already feel the burden of the skyrocketing cost of living in this area because everything you buy will cost a little bit more.

Let’s send a message back to our politicians that we are fed up with them hiding behind the illusions and scapegoats by voting against these types of proposals.
Measure D passed, and it will be interesting to see where the money actually ends up. More info here.