Ready to have more $ taken from you?

Ready or not, measure D asked to raise taxes, and it passed! Be aware that there are always NEW PROMISES that are being made by the city: usually an increased pay for library, firefighters and police. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Aren’t the police and firefighters tired of being used as the scapegoat for the city’s (old) new promises? It is hard to always be told there aren’t enough funds for the vital functions of the government but see all the pet projects go right on through. Residents in Hayward need to see things as they really are.

Translucency in government is not easy, right? Or is it?

Supporters say this TAX will raise $10 million a year…but look a little deeper… it is $16 million TAKEN not raised! Don’t call it revenue or something fancy. It is $ that could be in the community. This money is used every day by each individual for daily necessities and wants that is no longer helping the economy gears turning and balanced. This measure really adds to those that already feel the burden of the skyrocketing cost of living in this area because everything you buy will cost a little bit more.

Let’s send a message back to our politicians that we are fed up with them hiding behind the illusions and scapegoats by voting against these types of proposals.
Measure D passed, and it will be interesting to see where the money actually ends up. More info here.